Water Data Services - WaterBase

WaterBase is an integrated data management system developed by Water Data Services to manage water information. WaterBase was developed by water industry professionals for the water industry. It was designed to satisfy users from managers who need to be able to obtain a quick broad brush view of their water resource, to power users who require detailed data and analysis tools.

Key features of WaterBase are:

  • Integrates flow & water quality into one manageable system
  • Capacity to store groundwater data
  • Protects Raw data and separates Derived data
  • Powerful graphical editor
  • Powerful graphical viewer - multiple sites and parameters for comparison
  • Converts one parameter to another by using Conversion Tables
  • WDTF format - automatically export to Bureau of Meteorology
  • Manual & automatic import/export
  • Facility for multiple formats using a parameter mapping process
  • Export from any table to MS Windows programs

WaterBase Presentation

For an overview of WaterBase click: WaterBase Presentation