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November 2019

Independent auditor gives WDS quality management the tick of approval

Water Data Services has again been accredited as being fully compliant with quality management system ISO 9001:2015. The November 2019 inspection was conducted by independent auditor British Standards Institution, who gave WDS its comprehensive tick of approval.

As part of BSI's review, WDS demonstrated that its management systems effectively address the statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements of ISO 9001:2015 standards.

WDS manager-data and client relationships Russell Jones said the company is proud of its current quality certification, but remains committed to ongoing improvement.

"Certification to the ISO 9001:2015 standard provides our clients with confidence that we will manage their projects to the highest quality and strive to continually improve our services," Russell said.

A full copy of the audit report is available from WDS upon request.

April 2019

Water Data Services nominated for Smart Water Award

As part of a collaboration with SA Water, WDS have been nominated for the Innovation in Large Organisations Award.

The innovative project, Chasing Elusive Data: Cheaper Solutions to Get the Right Data at the Right Time provided a solution to assess pathogenic risks without incurring unnecessary monitoring costs.

The refinement of SA Water's expensive cryptosporidium monitoring strategy has so far achieved operational savings of around $300,000 per year.

Water Data Services provided an innovative technological approach, designing a sampling device that could identify periods of peak water quality risk. Through development of catchment and system-specific thresholds and triggers, the instrumentation uses a programmed automated sequence of sample collection and discarding until the accurate peak flow samples are collected - a world-first!

This overall innovative approach reduced manual effort and monitoring costs; improved data quality; and, packaged-up with the revision of water quality incident triggers, resulted in health regulator-endorsed response protocols and streamlined follow-up and routine sampling requirements.

All whilst maintaining customer service levels and product water quality!

The Smart Water Awards will be held in June 2019.


WDS mobile website is up to speed

Water information specialists Water Data Services has recently redeveloped its website to a mobile optimised format that will provide clients with numerous benefits.

Clients accessing their data at with their login and password will enjoy an improved experience when analysing their monitoring network data on tablets and smartphones. Created by WDS software and system engineer Tim Liu, the high-speed mobile website is simple to use with intuitive menus and a clear layout.

"The improvements in speed and processing for the mobile website have enabled an increased quantity of data to be displayed for our clients," Tim explained.

Features unique to the mobile platform include a GPS navigation device to help clients to locate a hydrographic site and a new graphics tool that provides modern functions for analysing data. Some of the advantages of the graphics tool for clients include:

  • Selecting a point to display its value on graphs
  • A scrolling cursor allows values to be tracked through an event
  • An on/off feature for flow data comparison for water quality graphs
  • A scrolling data table
  • The latest observations table.

"The improved functionality of the WDS website enhances the company's commitment to providing clients with exceptional solutions-based service in the measurement, management and presentation of water-related data," said WDS chief executive Brad Nicholson.

Clients with queries about using the mobile optimised website are invited to contact WDS manager - data and client relationships Russell Jones on phone 08 8374 3522 or email

Telemetry data displayed on the mobile optimised website.

New Navigation feature to locate sites.


Australia China Sponge City Consortium has opened an office in the Shandong capital Jinan

CHINA has engaged water industry experts from South Australia to direct aquifer recharge trials in a bid to reduce flooding and improve supply.

The Australia China Sponge City Consortium is a joint venture business formed in 2016 to bring together like minded professionals with a passion for innovative project delivery in the urban environment.

The consortium of six South Australian companies, known as the Australia China Sponge City Consortium, has opened an office in the Shandong capital Jinan. Work will begin this year on a pilot project in Jinan as part of the Sponge City initiative, which has a budget of up to AU$128 million per city.

The consortium comprises parent organisations: Water Data Services, Syntec Global, Hassell, Australian Water Environments,Aqueon, and Alano Water.

"Our role will be threefold: to address flooding and water quality, improve the liveability of Jinan through good design and re-instate the springs and their associated spiritual and cultural value,"he said.

Water Data Services General Manager, Brad Nicholson at the opening of the Australia-China Sponge City Research Centre in Jinan this month.

Brad Nicholson and Tim Liu from Water Data Services at the Jinan/South Australia Sponge City Steering Committee meeting this month.

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WDS successfully completes QMS 9001:2008 external audit

Since 1998, Water Data Services has successfully maintained a fully compliant quality management system (QMS), ISO 9001:2008.

Water Data Services'QMS was recently audited by the British Standards Institution (BSI), and passed the audit with excellent results.

BSI tested for evidence of compliance and ensured that ISO 9001:2008 standards are effectively addressed by WDS's management systems. WDS demonstrated its ability to support the achievement of statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements and the organisation's specified objectives, as applicable with regard to the scope of the management standard. It also confirmed the ongoing achievement and applicability of the company's strategic plan and, where applicable, its ability to identify potential areas for improvement of the management system.

WDS is proud of its QMS and strives for continual improvement. The external independent audit has verified this commitment.

Please contact us if you would like a full copy of the Audit Report.

New boat joins the WDS fleet

WDS recently purchased a 5.5 metre Stessl aluminium boat, suitable for water quality sampling and hydrometric work on inland lakes and rivers, as well as on open waters. The boat has a tri-hull, ensuring its stability for projects in rough water as well for working over the side of the boat. It will be fitted with a half-tonne crane, which is also interchangeable with the company's utility vehicles. The boat has been surveyed as a commercial vessel. The boat features a half-cabin with two single beds, and is suitable for long sampling trips (e.g. Murray River) where overnight work may be required.

WDS staff includes skilled boat operators that have experience in both inland and open waters.

Water Data Services is recognised in the DEWNR Weekly

Monday July 22nd 2013

Water Data Services has been recognised in the DEWNR Weekly for its contribution to the development and ongoing support of the AMLR surface water monitoring system.

Surface Water Outflow information can be viewed at AMLR Surface Water a website developed and maintained by Water Data Services, for the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges NRM Board.

High Commendation at the Water Industry Alliance 2013 Smart Water Awards

Friday May 5th 2013

Water Data Services Pty Ltd in conjunction with the Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges NRM Board has been presented with the Smart Water Resources Management High Commendation for a Water Information Management System at the Water Industry Alliance's 2013 Smart Water Awards Ceremony. This was awarded for the development of Water Base, our Integrated Data Management System for Timeseries data. WaterBase streamlines the various processes of data collection from capture through to verification and web presentation.

A selection of websites that have been developed by Water Data Services can be viewed from the following links: