Water Data Services - Hydrometric Services

Water Data Services is an environmental monitoring and analysis consultancy specialising in:

  • Hydrographic consulting.
  • Water data management using WaterBase¬©
  • Design, construction and installation of water monitoring stations.
  • Data collection, processing, interpretation and presentation of water related data.
  • Ongoing operation and management of monitoring programs.
  • Statistical analysis of water data including non-parametric trend analysis.
  • Flow measurement in pipes and open channels.
  • Site calibrations and derivation of flow relationships.
  • Evaluation of instrumentation to suit the Client's application and specification.
  • Instrument installation and calibration.
  • WaterBase¬© - Providing solutions for data acquisition and archiving of large volumes of water related data such as 'flow time series' and water quality data.
  • System design and software development of water related systems.

Our team of highly qualified and experienced hydrographers, scientists and technicians provide high quality sevices to environmental managers in many government departments, catchment boards and local councils.

We have the skills and experience to meet your needs in the these areas:

  • Water level in lakes and streams
  • Flow in streams and open storm water channels
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Design and construction of flow control structures eg weirs and flumes.
  • Hydrographic studies.
  • Automatic water sampling
  • Ground water assessment
  • Sewer monitoring
  • Waste water assessment runoff at urban landfills and mining sites
  • Rainfall and evaporation measurement
  • Climate monitoring
  • Remote telemetry
  • Lake sediment surveys
  • Flood warning and real time data acquisition
  • Hydrometric site selection, installation, instrumentation and data retrieval
  • Data Management of all hydrometric and environmental data
  • Environmental monitoring for the mining industry